User Study 2016


This user study is supported by the Google-funded project, "Predicting Search Behavior Using Physical and Online Explorations."


A total of 31 students participated in November and December 2016.

Field Session

During four field session weeks, we collected data from 31 participants' everyday lives.

Mobile App

RU Exploration Study app, which is based on funf framework, captured participants' phone call/SMS history as well as GPS coordinates. All data collected through the app was anonymized.

Chrome Extension

The Google Chrome extension Coagmento recorded participants' Web browsing activities on their own laptops, which were enhanced with a unique user identifier and a timestamp for all queries and clicked Web pages.

Game Session

Once the field sessions ended, participants were invited to play two games at the lab. Through the games, we monitored and understood the ways in which people look for and interact with information in physical spaces. Glass-type video recorders, such as Google Glass, recorded their area of interest (AOI).

Escape Room Game

Participant needs to unlock the boxes in picture (2) to get out the room. Information and clues are on the walls (1) and in the books (3). Pictures 4 and 5 show the configuration.

Treasure Hunt Game

Participants explore the school building to find the clues and information to solve given problems.

Lab Session

We asked participants to conduct two search tasks. Participants' searching behavior on the Web browser were captured with timestamps.

# Task Type Task Topic
1 Problem-solving task 10 A-Google-A-Day questions
2 Exploratory search Diet for Diabetic Patient