Chirag Shah

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Dr. Chirag Shah is an associate professor in the Information School at University of Washington. His research interests include studies of interactive information retrieval/seeking, especially in the context of online social networks and collaborations, contextual information mining, and applications of social media services for exploring critical socio-political issues. He is also interested in various theoretical and practical aspects of information as a dynamic construct, and online information propagation.

Dongho Choi

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Dongho Choi is a PhD student in the School of Communication & Information (SC&I) at Rutgers University. His research interests include studyng and understanding human information behavior through different types of sensors in everyday lives, such as wearable devices and mobile phones, regarding personal, social, cognitive contexts. He is also interested in social interaction within social media and/or social network regarding individual and collaborative behavioral changes.

Ziad Matni

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Ziad Matni is a doctoral candidate at SC&I-Rutgers , doing research in Information Science. His over-arching goals include to better understand why and how we use ICTs (specifically, social media). He is interested in using social media tools in novel ways to help us understand new and interesting things about ourselves, our social networks, our communities, and our neighborhoods. Ziad has a masters of science in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California and worked in several engineering and management positions in the electronics communication industry for about 13 years before turning to academia.

Kevin Albertson

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Kevin Albertson is currently an undergraduate student at Rutgers University majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He plans on pursuing research after his undergraduate studies. He is actively developing the back-end functionality of SOCRATES. Outside of programming, he enjoys reading and running.